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Design and manufacture of huge outdoor playground, central city park, community park, ecological gardens and parenting farm etc.

Free design, professional manufacturing


  • ADD: Jixian Tianjin
  • 1000+ square meters平
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Beijing Yideli Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.
Beijing yi Hadley amusement equipment co., LTD

Beijing YDEL Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. locates the capital of China - Beijing. Our company has established more than ten years, and we developed along with the nation and the world continuously. The products sell to all over the country, and export to...


Customized, unquie design, high quality raw material, ISO standard manufacture process

Popular Kids' Slide

new style slide rush into market as time passing by


Advantageous of No Power Amusement Park

no power amusement park enjoy high popular in China at present especially for the growing higher market


Furniture Size in Kindergarten

desk size covered 105*40 cm, 105*70 cm and 100*70 cm, and bed for kids in kindergarten


Routine Maintance for Kindergarten Equipment

high quality engineer plastic as raw material to give kids fun happiness



ADD: Baifuyuan Industrial Park, Sonzhuang, Tongzhou Dist, Beijing, China


 Baifuyuan Industrial Park, Sonzhuang, Tongzhou Dist, Beijing, China